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Apple of my eye

Nothing says, "Fall is coming!" like a warm apple pie. The holiday season is right around the corner... (Yikes!) which means it is more important than ever to focus on nutrition. That is why California Fitness likes to make your life a little easier by providing alternative recipes for our favorite desserts!

The ingredients you will need for the "Apple Pie" smoothie recipe are:

1. One scoop of the California Fitness Whey Protein Powder in the Vanilla Creme flavor

2. Two cups of apple juice (or more depending on the thickness you prefer )

3. One cup of ice

4. One full frozen banana

5. One tsp of cinnamon

6. One date (pitted)

7. (OPTIONAL) One tsp of nutmeg

I hope you enjoy the recipe, and remember that smoothies make the day go smoothly!

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